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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles in Good God, Y'all
H50 - Alex on phone
I hope everyone enjoyed last night's episode.  I haven't read any reviews or comments about the episode, so I'm not sure what everyone is thinking.  Personally, I loved it.  I loved that Dean figured out on his own what was going on, as did Sam.  To me, it shows that both boys are strong and able to hunt on their own.  I also loved that the boys split up at the end.  I know, I know - I'm sure there are a lot of people out there complaining about it, but it <b>had</b> to happen.  No way could things go back to normal with them being together and hunting together.  I would have been seriously disappointed if they would have stayed together.  It will be very interesting to see how long this separation lasts, how they each cope on their own, and what finally brings them back together again.

I didn't have time to rewatch the episode last night, so I can't think of my favorite funny Jensen/Dean moment off the top of my head.  I'm sure my favorite serious Jensen/Dean moment is pretty predictable - it was the end scene, with the guys sitting at the picnic table, deciding that they should part ways for now. 

So, tell me what you thought!!  =D

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I too think the boys needed separation. Too much bad blood from the end of last season, and Dean's words to Sam at the end of the last episode would make it almost impossible for them not to. But they need it. Sam to find himself again, and Dean to step up to the "warrior" he is to become. It was a selfless act for both of them to put the world before their pride and feelings.

For me the most poingnant momment was when Castiel asked Dean for the amulet. Dean was very torn on giving it to him to search for God, who in Dean's mind is no better right now than Zachoriah. That was the clue to get us to the next step. His feelings for Sammy run strong, and always will. That amulet symbolizes their bond and the strength of their relationship. In his heart of hears, Dean knows Sam will be back and straight, and that they will grow to trust eachother again.

Dean had a few good lines, even tho I am having a hard time remembering...Castiel's flatbread comment still takes the prize on this ep! But I like it when he tells Sam he had his "glamour shot", and I might add, that is more inscription than I thought! OUCH!

Like Rap said also, when they both figured out that War was War, that was awesome to see how far they have both come. But the scene when Dean goes to the Bible and pulls out Revolations and starts reading from it, priceless! He knew more about the apocolypse than the priest!

OH! And when he asks the one guy where he served when they were showing the boys their gun skills, and he said Afganastan...Then he asked Dean, and he said hell. "No really, HELL!" Classic.

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