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H50 - Alex on phone
So, I just finished reading this article with Kripke and came to a conclusion.  I think *this* is what made me lose my Supernatural mojo.  I've completely avoided spoilers for the last three years, and while I'm glad that I've been able to, it's also meant that I haven't read any articles with Kripke.  Kripke's interviews are considered spoilery, as they should be, and are posted to a select group of spoilerwhores, which means people like me don't see them as I don't have the time or energy to go looking for them online.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my revelation.  Maybe I'll see if I can find some other interviews with Kripke.  I love hearing about everything directly from his mouth - his take on things, his opinion, etc.

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You know how I am with spoilers ... but I generally read his interviews in the summer because, while they have a few episodes actually written ... they're mostly still in the idea stage and therefore ANYTHING can happen. Plus, I always have in the back of my mind his love of teasing, tempting the fans with wild ideas that don't always come to fruition. And certainly not the way our imaginations picture it happening. ;)

What article did you find? Cause I'm glad to hear my WaterGirl got a bit of Supernatural Mojo back! Yay!

Reading them in the summer is a good idea, as things are usually a little bit slower on line.

The link didn't show up very well with this layout, sorry. Here's the article I linked to above: http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2009/08/supernatural-season-5-eric-kripke-cw.html

I might have to start a SPN rewatch...

I'm a complete spoilerphobe when it comes to Supernatural, and then I never remember to go back and read things when they're not spoilery anymore. Thanks for the link, reading that interview puts a lot of things in perspective, and makes me want to go watch the season again with that viewpoint in my mind.

I suppose Kripke won't be giving interviews about the show now, though, it will be Sera Gamble instead. I am interested to see what comes of this new anime project based on the show. Kripke's in charge of that.

I totally feel like doing a rewatch too, now that I've read his comments about the show. I always tell myself I'll go back and find his interviews, but I never do.

I've been ignoring the info about the anime project...oops. :)

So you missed hearing from Kripke?

It is interesting to read stuff like this again when you've watched the episodes. I read spoilers but find that I'm usually surprised by a few things anyway. Glad your SN mojo is back though! *hugs*

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