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H50 - Alex on phone
I really hate that stupid ad that pops up right after I log in. 

It makes me not want to come here.

That is all.

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And I love your icon.


It's so good to see you. And you used your dancing banana. :) :) :) I've sure missed seeing it.

I hope you're keeping well, sweets.

And I agree with you about that ad, it is so frustrating.

I'm still on dial-up at home and it can freeze me up completely. No not like.

Take care.

Hello!!! I haven't "seen" you in forever!!! I stop by here, but haven't posted much lately. I need to get better about that. The ad is frustrating for me and I'm not on dial-up so I can't imagine how bad it is for you. :( I don't mind the ads on the pages, but that pop up one is annoying.

Boo! Toss 'em in the woodchipper!

Also, PENGY!!! *sniffles*

I know! I was looking to change my layout (I know - SHOCKING!) and I came across this one and loved it.

Grrrr....same here. So freakin' annoying!!!

Isn't it though?!? *sigh*

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