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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles in When the Levee Breaks
H50 - Alex on phone

I'm having a really hard time with this one...as it seems everyone is.  Even though we kept hearing that the brothers would fight this season, I never really thought it would happen.  Seriously.  I never thought it would happen.  I guess I was just naive and foolish.  *sighs*  But now that it has, I'm really interested in seeing where things go and how the brothers become brothers again.  Because you know that will happen.

Anyway, I thought Jensen did a fabulous job last night...as usual.  I should really re-read all my Jensen blogs because I'm sure I say that every week!  LOL!

My favorite Jensen moment was his looks when Sam was in the panic room and detoxing.  You could see on his face how much it hurt him to be causing Sam that much pain. 

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^^what you said.

i'm still flailing.


Me too.

I really don't know what else to say about it.

how about:
"OMGsOMGsOMGsOMGsOMGsOMGs is it next week yet???"

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

I loved the dueling Dean scenes. Those were so cool!

Yes! Those were really cool!

The look on Dean's face as he was climbing up the stairs away from Sammy? Heartbreaking. Also, the single tear on his face near the end right before Sammy punched him. *sniffles*

I don't think there were any funny moments in this episode...if there were they were completely overshadowed by the pain.

I missed the single tear the first time I watched the episode. Yeah, the way Dean was the whole time Sam was in the panic room was heartbreaking.

No...I can't remember any funny moments. It was all emo.

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