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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles in Sympathy for the Devil
H50 - Alex on phone

How exciting was it to have Supernatural back on again?!??! It was surreal to me....I still can't believe that we've gotten another installment to the story of these brothers.  Jensen and Jared were in fine form last night and I really enjoyed everyone in the supporting cast as well.  The new Meg was awesome, Bobby was fantastic, Castiel we had to wait to see but it was definitely worth the wait.  I'm not sure if I'm going to like the guy playing Lucifer, but I'm waiting to see.

Anyway, since this is the Jensen blog, I suppose I should get onto that.  :-P

My favorite funny Jensen moment was when he said that he had a GED.  I just loved the delivery.  I also love that we've found out about Dean's education background. 

My favorite serious Jensen moment was the last scene.  I spent the whole episode thinking that Dean was disappointed in Sam and such, but had no idea that his feelings were so deeply hurt by Sam's actions.  I'm hoping that they'll be able to make amends of some sort...but not too quickly because what is Supernatural without some angst.  My heart broke as Dean walked towards the Impala and Sam was left standing there, debating about what he should do....

So what were your favorite moments from Sympathy for the Devil??

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Like onemaskedchic I kinda think of it as Dean. So my favorite Dean moment last night was when they were at Chuck's and Dean used the marking to make angels go away. The way he spoke of his friend, Cas, made me feel warm and fuzzy, and sad, because Dean was upset Castiel was (at the time) dead.

That was way cool!! I couldn't figure out why his hand was bleeding at first...

Ok, so my question is - the only ones that have used that type of symbol before is Anna and Cas - both angels. So the fact that it worked for Dean - is that because he's a vessel for Michael? Or can any regular human do that?? (and maybe it doesn't matter and I'm just overanalyzing it. :P )

I kinda think anyone can do it, but it's gotta be in blood.

Maybe we only saw Anna and Castiel use it because only angels knew it?

Hey there (it's me ShutterBugs)

Jensen knocked it out of the park with that final scene!! I am truly worried again about Sam and Dean (and just when I thought they were coming together at the end of last season.) Guess Kripke's going to make us cry some more before throwing us a bone.

The writers for this show are phenomenal. Dean has some of the best lines and Jensen's delivery is so spot on. "Asshat" Love it! He pulls no punches with the evil Zach. I'm on the edge of my seat for next week!

Re: Hey there (it's me ShutterBugs)

Hi Shutter!

I know what you mean - those boys are starting to give me an ulcer! Darn that Kripke!!

I love it when Kripke writes the episodes because he completely nails everything. I knew this would be awesome when I saw that Kripke wrote it. I loved the "asshat" line!!

I'm thinking anyone can do it, because Anna was human when she used it before.

Oh, good point! I was thinking that she was an angel, but she wasn't yet, was she??

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