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Thursday night review
H50 - Alex on phone
Bones - I'm loving, LOVING this season of Bones! We are getting so much good teasing about Booth and Brennan and I just love it. I have a feeling that once (if) they ever get together, I'll probably be annoyed but for right now, I'm so enjoying it all. Last night, Gordon Gordon told Booth that he was in love with Brennan and Booth didn't deny it or try to act like he didn't know what he was talking about. I get the sense that Booth has known about his feelings for quite awhile and the coma just helped him to realize how true those feelings are. My only disappointment with the episode is that Wendell wasn't on - the thing between him and Angela was a surprise, but I think I'm going to like them together.

Fringe - I have to admit, I wasn't paying that close of attention to last night's episode so I'll have to rewatch tonight. From what I did catch, I thought Joshua Jackson did an awesome job.

Supernatural - Ummmm....I really like Chuck.

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Bones...haven't had a chance to watch last week's ep yet. :-(

Fringe...I didn't think it was as good of an episode as some others have been this season. Too predictable.

Supernatural...are you still in an SN funk?

:( You need to watch Bones ASAP.

Good to know about Fringe. I forgot to download it and watch this weekend. Oops.

Supernatural - yeah, I think I am. I thought I was snapping out of it, but I don't think so. I read an article about SPN jumping the shark and I'm starting to think that's my problem with the show right now. I feel like they are paying way too much attention to the fans and writing what they think the fans want to see (or what they think will entertain the fans) rather than sticking with their original ideas and goals. I don't know...

I finally watched Bones! LOL!!

As for SN...yeah, they've definitely veered the humorous episodes towards meta and fan stuff but that being said, they've always snuck in funny episodes before pulling the angst out in mytharc eps for the hellatus. I'm really enjoying them but I do understand where you're coming from too.

I love how Booth is developing this season. And I could always use more Gordon Gordon.

I haven't seen Fringe yet, but maybe I will have by the time you reply and I'll have something intelligent and witty to say. *nods*

Chuck is awesome, but I do wonder about his taste in women. Maybe because Becky is the only one who believes him? I really liked the first season vibe of this episode. Maybe I was just so relieved that the fandom stuff didn't suck as much as I thought it would.

Cyclops!Nanner? That's a really big eye. (unsure)

Yeah, I love all the changes we've seen in Booth this season. As unhappy as I was with last year's season finale, I'm glad that his coma has led to the changes we're seeing.

Have you seen it yet? I haven't rewatched it.

I think you're right about Chuck liking Becky because she actually believes him. I think I'm just not liking how the show is focusing so much on the fandom lately.

*makes Cyclops!Nanner stare at Whimsy*

I haven't had a chance to watch Fringe yet. *distracts with pretty icon*

Yeah, the fandom thing isn't really necessary for Chuck and I have a panic attack every time I see it. Hopefully, it's out of their system now.

*hides from scary Nanner*

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